Fine Screens

The finest of fine screens on the market.

Fine screens effectively protect sensitive downstream processes from damaging solids, but not all fine screens operate at the same performance levels. A number of factors must be considered when selecting a fine screening system for your application – desired screenings capture ratio (SCR), headloss, sealing tolerance, carry-over, matting, maintenance requirements and screenings discharge to name a few. Surface water screens efficiently remove sticks, leaves and algae. Wastewater screens are designed to operate in the harshest of environments to reliably remove everything from rags and wipes to a variety of inorganic plastics that can wreck a wastewater process.

Hydro-Dyne’s fine screening systems incorporate numerous proprietary design features to ensure particulates as small as 0.5mm are removed from the water or wastewater stream. In fact, our Great White Center Flow Screen has been independently certified to have one of the highest screening capture ratios on the market. Our Bull Shark Through Flow Screen easily retrofits existing screens to increase capture and/or improve capacity. All of our designs eliminate submerged sprockets, bushings or bearings which reduces ragging and our patented grid design maintain seal tolerances of 0.5mm for life.

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fine screening, center flow screen

Great White Center Flow Screen

fine screen, through flow screen, fine screening

Bull Shark Through Flow Screen

fine screening, fine screen, septage receiving screen

Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station

Equipment Design

hammerhead onsite screen sizing testing

Hammerhead On-site Screen Sizing

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