Efficiency in process through
superior screening systems.

Industrial facility supervisors work to keep their plants performing at an optimum level of efficiency – and they expect the same out of their water and wastewater screening equipment. Whether it is the protection of heat exchange equipment, removal of algae or being in compliance with state and federal environmental waste regulations, Hydro-Dyne’s industrial systems provide a superior level of process protection while also reducing operational and maintenance expenses to the customer. We recognize that equipment failure or a plant shutdown is not an option and apply our experience and expertise in working with our industrial customers to design and install a screening solution that protects and extends the life of industrial downstream equipment.

We have experience in a number of industrial wastewater and process applications, including:

  • Membrane protection
  • Food processing and rendering
  • Chemical processing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Manufacturing
  • Textile mills
  • Mining
  • Cooling water intake – power generation
  • Cooling tower scale removal
  • Irrigation system protection
  • Raw water intake
  • Petroleum refinery
  • Uranium refinery

To learn more about our systems designed for industrial water and process applications, choose from one of the categories below.

Fine Screening

Fine screen industrial watewater screen

Great White Center Flow Screen

coarse screen insustrial wastewater screen

Bull Shark Through Flow Screen

fine screen industrial wastewater screen

Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station

Coarse Screening

industrial wastewater treatment. industrial wastewater treatment

Bull Shark Through Flow Screen

industrial wastewater treatment bar screen multi-rake screen

Tiger Shark Multi-Rake Screen

industrial wastewater treatment. coarse screen. septage receiving station

Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station

industrial wastewater treatment. coarse screen

Sawshark Filter Stepper Screen

Equipment Design

hammerhead onsite screen sizing testing

Hammerhead On-site Screen Sizing

Industrial Project Profiles

Drawing on our 40+ years of experience and more than 2,000 unique installations worldwide, your equipment will be specifically engineered to best fit the needs of your application.

Here are a few examples of our past Industrial Wastewater projects.

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