Screenings Handling

Essential in the dewatering and
compaction of inorganics and return
of organics to the wastewater
treatment process.

An effective screenings handling equipment is a critical component to every water or wastewater treatment plant. In wastewater applications screening handling systems are particularly important. Proper screenings handling allows a plant to use finer screening openings. It increases the capture of inorganic material and decreases disposal of organic material in wastewater applications. Hydro-Dyne’s turn-key screenings handling solutions are manufactured at the highest level of quality and designed to accept, wash, dewater, compact and/or transport collected screenings. Our broad selection of screenings handling solutions are custom-designed to perfectly pair with the plant’s screening equipment.

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Screenings Handling Equipment

Whiteitp Shark Washing Compactor. Screenings Handling

Whitetip Shark Washing Compactor

Screenings handling equipment

Thresher Shark Washing Machine

Screenings handling equipment conveyor

Spinner Shark Screw Conveyor and Sluice Systems

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